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GBC has a fast growing team that evolves to meet client needs. We are always keeping an eye out for talented members. Send your resume to and tell us about the ways you would fit our team. 

Current Opportunities

No current opportunities but some of the positions listed below are what we often hire for. 

Behaviour Analyst

Our Behaviour Analysts carry their own caseload of clients and some carry their own caseload and provide supervision to our instructor therapists. They are proficient at completing a variety of assessments, including functional behaviour assessments. They specialize in the design of treatment recommendations that fit the home environment and capacity of the family. They are skilled in the dissemination of ABA principles and approaches in a mode that is meaningful for caregivers and enriching for therapists. They prioritize supporting their team and understand that as a Behaviour Analyst, we don't just analyze, we teach and inspire.

Behaviour Consultant

Our Behaviour Consultants multi-talented. They are gifted at completing functional behaviour assessments, savvy in their design of treatment strategies, and exceptional in their execution of skill acquisition programs. Oh, did I mention they create their own data collection procedures too?  They train and teach our instructor therapists in ABA principles and how to deliver programs; they coach and support families to implement treatment strategies; they liaise with outside agencies and they endlessly put a family first, client-centered approach in all their work. 

Instructor Therapist

Our Instructor Therapists are the humble hero's of our skill acquisition team. They are the consistent face of our agency for many families. Our Instructors prioritize relationship building with our clients and families. They are masters of play and embedding learning within play. The are the guru's of fun and excel at data collection. They are eager to learn, enthusiastic to 'jump in' and receptive to coaching. They bring our skill acquisition plans to life and their work is imperative to setting and meeting a family's goals. 

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